Do you believe in prisoners’ justice and prisoners’ rights? Have you recently attended one of the events for the Prisoners’ Justice Film Festival? Did you enjoy listening to some of the speakers who attend?

The Prisoners’ Justice Film Festival is an entirely volunteer-run and organized event. We are a group of individuals who believe in prisoners’ justice and prisoners’ rights. We use this event to educate others who are curious about similar issues, or to help organize for prisoners’ justice and prisoners rights.

While we do have options to donate at a particular PJFF event, we are offering the chance for others to donate online either before or after an event, and all-year-round! To donate, all you have to do is have an email and be able to do online banking (with a Canadian institution). Donations are being accepted at this email:

Your donation will assist in many ways, but specifically:

  • Renting space(s) to watch the films (because you can’t have a film festival unless you have a space to watch the films!)
  • Paying for services (such as advertising costs, technical costs, childcare services, ASL services, speakers etc.).

While we enjoy donating our time in organizing for the event, there are a bunch of other people involved who we would like to pay. For more information on this donation option, please visit Interac E-Transfer. There is no cost to you (unless your institution charges for such transfers) and you do not share personal information other than your email with us (and your secret answer with us). Please visit your institution online to begin the donation process.

You can now donate to our Indiegogo Campaign at



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