March 28th: Prison Writings/Films: Working Across Prison Walls (Workshop)

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Uncategorized


Location: TBA
Sponsored by: Peter Collins Support Committee and Prisoner’s Justice Film Festival

The festival takes place on the lands of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabek, Huron-Wendat, and Attawandaron Peoples. All events are free (donations welcome), wheelchair accessible, and scent-reduced—please do not use or wear scented products, including essential oils.

Prisons create barriers to everything but in particular political working relationships with people in prison. Yet many people have found ways of making it work. For this workshop we will be showing films by Peter Collins as well as writing by Renee Acoby (both federal prisoners). We will be deconstructing the barriers that exist in working across prison walls and brainstorming ways of dismantling these same barriers. We will also explore why it is so critical to break down the barriers and work together from the inside out. Our hope is to give examples of projects that have worked, some that have never taken off as well as dreaming of new projects moving forward. If you are interested in working with prisoners, sharing your experiences or just rethinking/reimagining relationships with prisoners then come join us for this circle style workshop

Giselle Dias is a mixed race, white privileged, Métis activist, community organizer, circle keeper, writer and psychotherapist. Giselle has been doing community organizing and education on prisoners’ rights, penal abolition and transformative justice for the past 20 years. Suzanne Fish is a reformed and rehabilitated international development professional! She has managed to shed most of her neo-liberal education and work in international development and now works in Toronto as an activist, educator, researcher and organizer with a range of grassroots and consumer/survivor groups. She is currently working on various theatre and public education campaigns related to the need for alternatives to the Children’s Aid Society.


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