Thanks to our Sponsors and Partners!

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These are some of the organizations involved in putting on the 2014 Prisoners’ Justice Film Festival:

Amnesty Western is a youth branch of Amnesty International Canada. It is a non-profit, human rights organization, which works to end human rights violations world-wide. Amnesty at Western has over 150 student members and holds several great events throughout the school year to spread awareness to our members and to the rest of the Western community. By joining you have the chance to speak out and stand up for human rights at UWO, in London, in Canada and the World. “Keep the Light on Human Rights.”


Asl Learning London is proud to be a sponsor of Prisoners of Justice Film Festival! We know the challenges of finding assistance financially in regards to affordable interpreters for non-profit and small business, to make events Deaf accessible within the London Community. Asl Learning London would like to do it’s part in assisting non-profit organizations, to hold Deaf Accessible events.  ASL Learning London is selling KEEP CALM AND SIGN ON … t-shirts. For more information please contact:

At^lohsa (Ate^nlos) means “Friends” in the Onyota’ a:ka language. The name was chosen to reflect the desire of Ate^nlos to provide support, understanding, education, intervention and prevention to victims of family violence. Website:

International Network in Solidarity with Colombian Political Prisoners is comprised of national and international organizations that work for the immediate release of all the political prisoners of war and of conscience held in the nation’s prisons or abroad, realizing that they are the result of the internal armed conflict, of the application of state terrorism, the persecution and criminalization of social protest. The INSPP calls on the international community to mobilize for a political solution to the conflict, for the structural changes and the democratization of political spaces for peace with social justice. Website:   Email:

The Latin American Canadian Solidarity Association (LACASA) is a non-profit group of concerned citizens of Canadian and Latin American origin who want to work on issues of social justice, economic equality, human and labour rights, and peace, that affect us all as residents of the Americas. Of particular interest are issues like mining, political prisoners in Colombia and other LA countries; solidarity with the Student Movements in Chile and Quebec; refugee and immigrant rights; opposition to “free” trade deals and support for Fair Trade. We have been involved in a number of International Campaigns around these issues and work in close partnership with several NGOs such as Amnesty, Council of Canadians, The Centre for Social Concern at King`s College, SURLA, No One Is Illegal, Rights Action, Mining Injustice Network, INSPP, and Free the Cuban Five.Facebook:  Email:

London Area Network of Substance Users (LANSU) is an organization of past & present substance users who are united to create lives free from judgement, discrimination, harm & criminalization. Website:

The Muslim Students’ Association at Western University, works toward fostering an inclusive environment for all individuals on campus, who are either interested in strengthening their Muslim identity or interested in learning about Islam. The programs, events and services provided by Western MSA are conducive to creativity, leadership, excellence and professionalism to empower students to reach their potential: physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually. The purpose of the MSA is to assist in improving the Muslim student experience at Western University and to empowering students to build a stronger and prosperous community for the future.In addition to serving its local Muslim community, Western MSA also serves a global cause by sponsoring orphans in developing countries. Currently, the MSA also acts to raise money by organizing a variety of initiatives in order to sustain annual funds for orphans around the world. Website:

People for Peace, London is an ad hoc collection of individuals and groups who came together to oppose the illegal invasion of Iraq, and have protested the war ever since. We also support the campaign to end secret trials (a.k.a. “security certificates”) in Canada and the Caravan to end Canadian involvement in torture.

PFLAG Canada London supports, educates and provides resources to anyone with questions or concerns. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. PFLAG Canada London is one of the local voices that speaks for a more accepting Canadian society by providing support, education and resources on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. Contact: For more information in regard to the meetings or to reach out and be in touch for support and resources contact: Joanne King (519-319-6934) or Lori Ward (519-686-7691)

SafeSpace is a volunteer run support centre for sex workers, allies and women in crisis operating since 2009 with a model of empowerment  and a compassionate harm-reduction mandate with the goal of meeting women where they’re at and helping sex workers operate with safety and with dignity. SafeSpace provides donations of safe sex and drug use materials as well as HIV & STI/STD educational resources, cosmetics, clothes, hygienic goods, first aid, food, coffee, tea, and information about current services in London. We recognize a person’s right to choose or refuse sex work and we work to educate the public about sex work in London as well as promoting the decriminalization of sex work. While the space is generally for (past/present/future) women only, it is also open to male sex-workers. – @SafeSpaceLondon on Twitter



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