Thurs Jan 30: Resisting the War on Drugs and Drug Users

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Thursday, January 30th – 6pm-8pm (Central Library – Stevenson & Hunt B )

Resisting the War on Drugs and Drug Users (click for Facebook event).

Co-sponsored by: London Area Network of Substance Users (LANSU)


Insite- Not Just Injecting, But Connecting (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) [close-captioned]

A short documentary about Insite, the first legally operating supervised injection site in North America.

Inside Stories—James & Craig, Sheryl, Kathleen, Corrine (Prison Health Now)

Inside Stories is a series of  video clips exploring the lives of federal prisoners in Canada and the challenges they face behind bars to protect themselves from HIV, hepatitis C and other infections. Watch the videos  to learn more about the realities of Canada’s federal prison system from people who have lived it and how the absence of prison needle and syringe programs continues to pose a threat to the health of their families and communities.

 We ARE the People: Drug User Organizing in the United States (Greg Scott, Sawbuck Productions)

This is the world premiere of this short documentary!

Following the films, join us for a Q & A with:

Sandra Ka Hon Chu
 is Co-director of Research and Advocacy at the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, where she works on HIV-related human rights issues concerning prisons, harm reduction, sex work, women and immigration. She has authored numerous publications, including an innovative legislative resource on women’s rights in the context of HIV and a compendium of affidavits describing prisoners’ experiences with injection drug use behind bars. She has also led the Legal Network’s involvement in lawsuits challenging the Canadian government’s failure to provide sterile injection equipment in prison, criminal laws governing sex work, and Malawi’s laws governing marital property.

Nick Scrivo has been the Outreach Worker for the Counterpoint Needle Exchange program for Eight years. He spends his days providing direct needle exchange and support services to injection drug users throughout the city of London. Counterpoint is a program of the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection and has been operating for approximately twenty years.

Tracy Law was born and raised in London, and is a graduate of Fanshawe College’s Law Program. She has worked as a community advocate and for human rights issues. Tracy is an executive committee member for the London Area Network of Substance Users, a human rights, advocacy, and support group for current and former substance users.



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