Postponed: Legislative Art. The work of Laurie Jo Reynolds

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Postponed until Spring 2014– Date/Location to be announced shortly.

Film Screening: Legislative Art. The work of Laurie Jo Reynolds

“Laurie Jo Reynolds, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, is an artist, policy advocate, and researcher who has dedicated two decades of work to addressing the negative representations of people in prison. Her “Legislative Art” participates and intervenes in government systems, with the goal of concrete political change. For the past eight years Reynolds has focused on Tamms Correctional Center, the notorious supermax prison in southern Illinois designed for sensory deprivation. In 2007, she collaborated with former and current inmates at Tamms, their families, and other artists to launch Tamms Year Ten, a volunteer grassroots legislative campaign seeking to reform or close the prison. Tamms supermax—which came to symbolize our increasingly punitive, dehumanizing, and counter-productive criminal justice system—was shuttered on January 4, 2013, in part due to Reynolds’s efforts.” (CreativeTime Summit). For more information please go to


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