Thurs Jan 23: Approaches to Crime Control and Incarceration

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thursday, January 23 – 2- 3:50pm (Moot Court Room, Faculty of Law, Western University).

Roundtable on Approaches to Crime Control and Incarceration in the Industrialized and Developing World

 Eight-year rule by the United National Movement in Republic of Georgia was marked by modernization of public services and increases in the gross domestic product, a tripling of prison population and unprecedentedly high conviction rates. In September 19, 2013, leaking of a video, depicting torture of inmates of Gldani prison in Republic of Georgia, galvanized a large protest movement that culminated in the ousting of the authoritarian government led by the United National Movement. Increasing penalization and rising incarceration rates characterize Canada and US as well. North American prisons are overcrowded and wrought with allegations of abuse and torture. Recently, prisons became at the center of the public debate in Canada, where the inmates of a Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre in Ontario have launched a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit against the Ontario government, claiming the facility is violent and overcrowded.

The roundtable participants will explore the differences and similarities in the emerging trends in criminal law, sentencing policy, imprisonment styles in Canada, US, Georgia and Russia, as well as discuss punishment and reform as part of deliberate policies of state-building in the ‘developing’ world and the transfer of western ideas of sentencing and prison policy into eastern Europe.


Anna Dolidze, Assistant Professor, Western Law, moderator

Gavin Slade, Assistant Professor of Criminology at the University of Toronto.

Lisa Kerr, Visiting Professor, Western Law

Sponsored by: Prisoners Justice Film Festival, Western Law


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