Fri Jan 31: 2 Spirit, Queer, and Trans Perspectives

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Friday, January 31 – 7pm-9pm (Central Library – Stevenson & Hunt B)

2 Spirit, Queer and Trans people are criminalized and over-incarcerated. This section of the film festival looks at the experiences of 2 Spirit, Queer and Trans people in prison and how we can challenge the Prison Industrial Complex through abolition strategies.

Free CeCe Mcdonald: CeCe McDonald is a young African American transgender woman who is charged with two counts of “second degree murder” after an incident that began when she was violently assaulted because of her gender and race. This video was created by the CeCe Mcdonald support committee with clips from Melissa Harris Perry’s interview with trans activists and interviews with her friends.

No One Is Disposable: Dean Spade and Reina Gossett are having a conversation about how we balance a commitment to abolition and a commitment to immediate needs while touching on queer/trans issues within the PIC.

Two Spirit: This is a short animated film which gives an introduction to the 2-spirited identity.

Make It Happen: This film centers around the Transforming Justice conference which focused on Trans peoples experiences with the PIC in the United States.


Dug Doxtator is a 65 year old, 2 spirit, prisoner. He is 25 years past his parole eligibility dates and has been rendered ‘invisible’ in a colonial, homophobic, and ableist prison system. In 1997 he was moved to a minimum security prison where he requested to attend a gay men’s group in the community (under supervision). Dug was denied that request based on the fact that the staff believed he wanted to go and ‘bugger’ other men. Based on Dug’s request they immediately moved him up in security where he remains today. While in custody Dug has had 3 strokes and suffered multiple complications including significant memory loss. Dug has served 35 years in custody on a 10 year sentence. 

Giselle Dias is a friend and advocate for Dug. She will be reading from several of his letters and presenting Dug’s case as an example of what happens to aging 2 Spirit and queer prisoners.

Syrus Marcus Ware is a visual artist, community activist, researcher, youth-advocate and educator. As a visual artist, Syrus works within the mediums of painting, installation and performance to challenge systemic oppression by suggesting a different view of the world in which he lives. Syrus’ work explores the spaces between and around identities; acting as provocations to our understandings of gender, sexuality and race. In 2005, Syrus was voted “Best Queer Activist” by Now Magazine, and in 2012 he was awarded the Steinert and Ferreiro Award for LGBT community leadership and activism. For the past 6 years, Syrus has worked with Blackness Yes to produce Blockorama (the black queer and trans stage at Pride), and other related events throughout the year. Syrus is also a founding member of the Prison Justice Action Committee of Toronto. He is a founding member of the Transparent-cy Working Group at The 519 Community Centre. He helped to initiate the Trans-Fathers 2B course- the first course for trans men considering parenting in North America.

Neshama Nicole Nussbaum is a London, Ontario, based lawyer and advocate with experience in the areas of employment, human rights, and family law, and a focus on trans legal issues. A former sole practitioner, Nicole joined Legal Aid Ontario in December 2012 in a staff lawyer role assisting unrepresented litigants navigate the family court. She is also a trainer and advocate with extensive experience in transsexual, transgender and gender diverse (trans) law and policy work. Ms. Nussbaum serves as the President of the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH), and holds the position of Vice-Chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conference (SOGIC).

Fallon Wilson is a married mother of 3 living in London, Ontario. She has been heavily involved in London’s Trans, LGBT community facilitating SteelButterflies Coffee House and running on PRIDE London Festival’s Board of directors 2012/2013. Fallon’s lived experiences have had her in contact with the PIC and in/out of the sex-work trade since age 20 until present. She is currently focused on organic/self-sustaining living strategies with her wife/partner Rebecca.

Sponsored by: PFLAG


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