Fri Jan 24: Lilies, with John Greyson

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Friday, January 24 – 6pm-9pm (Conron Hall, University College, UWO)

Film Screening: Lilies 

With Guest Speaker, John Greyson (Director)

Based on Marcel Marc-Bouchard’s play Les feluettes and winner of the Genie Award for Best Picture, Lilies tells the story of a love between two teenage boys, cut short by a tragic betrayal. In 1950s Quebec, Bishop Bilodeau arrives at a rural prison to take a dying inmate’s final confession. It is soon revealed that Bilodeau has a history with the man, Simon: forty years earlier, while Simon (Jason Cadieux) fought desperately against his love for his boyhood friend Vallier (Danny Gilmore), the teenage Bilodeau (Matthew Ferguson) watched jealously, yearning for Simon while condemning his and Vallier’s “sick” relationship. As Simon’s fellow inmates in the present stage a re-enactment of the tragic events that led to Simon’s imprisonment, it soon becomes clear that the play’s the thing that is meant to force Bilodeau to finally confess his own implication in Simon’s supposed crime. Seamlessly fusing past and present through a brilliant Brechtian gambit — the inmates enacting the prison drama carry over their roles into the flashback sequences, playing even the female characters — Greyson creates a passionate, luminescent tale of love and betrayal.

Sponsors: Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, Film Studies and Public Humanities at Western University


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