Final Panel- Resisting the Prison Industrial Complex: Moving from Reform to Abolition

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

SUN FEB 10, 5-7 pm @ Old East Studios

We are at a critical point in correctional policy and legislation in Canada (Turtle Island). The Harper government has passed legislation that will ensure a significant increase in the prison population during a time when crime rates continue to decline. We know that this is a business decision, to lock people up for profit (specifically Indigenous communities, people of colour, women, queer and trans communities, people with disabilities, activists etc).

Join us for a discussion on ways to resist the Prison Industrial Complex and to pursue the goal of a world without prisons or borders through reform-based initiatives, transformative justice, alternatives to incarceration, the Idle No More movement, and connecting local struggles to global movements working against the PIC.

Speakers include:

Trini is a Trinidadian radical queer sex positive feminist. She is an (im)migrant and refugee rights activist and anti- racist community organizer with No One Is Illegal London and has extensive experience working in preventing violence against women field. She can be found wandering London in search of Trini doubles.

Sâkihitowin Awâsis is a mixed Métis Two-Spirit of the Carré Clan. They are a spoken word artist, community organizer, and writer currently based out of London, Ontario.

Syrus Marcus Ware is a visual artist, community activist, researcher, youth-advocate and educator. Syrus is a founding member of the Prison Justice Action Committee of Toronto and for the past 14 years, Syrus has hosted the weekly radio segment, “Resistance on the Sound Dial” heard each Saturday on CIUT 89.5FM.

Humberto Ponce de Leon, a political refugee from Colombia and member of LACASA, the Canadian solidarity campaign in support of Colombian Political Prisoners, and the International Network in Solidarity with Colombian Political Prisoners.

Giselle Dias is a counselor and therapist who works with victims of violence, prisoners and ex-prisoners. She has been working in the field of criminal (in)justice for almost 20 years and is a strong proponent for Transformative justice programs and alternatives to incarceration.

  1. greg hoffman says:

    i am a former federal inmate and person with addiction issues who took part in a program through federal parole at the stonehenge therapeutic community. it is these types of programs that are threatened with the americanization of our justice system. getting rid of programs that better an offenders position in society and their sense of self worth are a way to make sure that people reoffend and keep our prisons filled. getting rid of jobs at corcan that paid inmates a wage and allowed them to be released in a position where reoffending for financial reasons is unneccesary is one of the stupidest things i have seen when supposedly they claim to want to reduce recidivism rates. i truly am worried that future inmates wont have access to effective programs and only token programs will.exist. people who think these programs are too soft on offenders need to think about whether or not they want their children and other loved ones living in a community where released offenders have had access to effective treatment and programs that better a person or living in a community where released offenders have been warehoused and exposed to a punitive system that makes a person more bitter and hardens a persons sense of commpassion and feeling. all of our children are affected by the type of person released from our prison. we are not only creating future recidivists we are creating new victims. 10 years from now when crime rates increase again and victims are crying out for reform we can blame the so called tough on crime conservatives of today or we can reverse the trend now

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